Today is the 8th of April, the weather is irresistable and I'm still running around in my Prom shoes.
Why? Haha today is Prom...

Excited? - No

Nervous? - A little

Do I think this is going to be the best night of me life? - No way!

It is just Prom, some people make it a big deal, I do not really. Yeah of course it is the first and maybe last time I'll go to Prom, but come on If Prom is really going to be better than Winterfest, or all the other parties/sleepovers, something extraordinary must happen!! I'm not even kidding...

Well anyway I still have a lot of time left which I will spend with doing my nails, hair, make-up and all this other girl stuff. And of course a lot of music and dancing! I'm walking in my Prom shoes, I figured if I can't walk in them tonight I might as well break a leg before that!
And of course I try to get ready mentally... "...yes I'm going to look enchanting tonight..." "...no I won't get angry at my Promdate if he forgets to treat my good..." "...yeah even when I'm totally ready to go home, because it is so boring I will stay and make everybody happy..." "... yes I can definately give everybody a chance tonight..." "... no I will try to stay away from this one boy I really like, because I don't want to upset my date..." "... yes I will always behave like a princess and be obliging and polite..." hihi

oh man! It is one o'clock right now, in half an hour my hostparents come home, then at 2 I will get my hair done which will take until 3 or so... then I will do my make up at 4 and put my dress on close to 5 so I don't become tired of wearing it too fast... yeah and then ROLL IT!
I'm very excited to see how everybody looks and behaves today. Will be one of the best chances to observe people Do they just look nice or do they behave so, too?

well I better get going then, I wanna dance, baby!
8.4.06 20:10

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