crazy times

Hey there!

Haven't been here for a while I guess
Well not much going on here, I still have stress even though I am supposed to have summer break. But hey, who cares??
The teachers obviously don't because I have so much crap to do...
whatever. I'm going to my bf in a little while, stay overnight and from Saturday on I'll have 2 weeks STURMFREI!!!!
isn't that awesome?
well gotta go now, still have to get my stuff ready...

Anne, I hope you're doing good and we can get in contact during the break!
Love ya!
Yana am 19.7.07 21:12


Hey everybody outta there
Time got so busy and stressful and so differnt than in the US. Now I am sitting in school and I am supposed to study for economy. I am glad that I got plans to go out for tonight. With Chris he is like the coolest rock'n roll guy I've ever seen. I met Wende and Clarence last night. That was a weird feeling.
@Jana: i hope you're doing alright and we'll keep in touch over the summer.
Take care
ami-schnegge am 22.6.07 10:25

hey there^^

haven't been on here for a LOOONG time!

A lot of stuff happened since I guess...
Anne got her licence, I'm on the best way to get mine (passed the theory already with ZERO mistakes), we're back to German school...

just thought I'd post something again, keep up with the times u know^^
US has been a great time guys, it's over now...
haven't heard anything from Jackie, Philipp, Martin, Balint... well everybody is busy!
I gotta go too, I'm talking to a friend online (webcam)...

Yana am 28.12.06 18:55

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