this day was pretty okay:-)
except for the fact that I hurt my right arm, but I think that'll go away!
Well, I have to change my list a littl bit, I had to do with Tomas today, so that'll change something:-)
Adam, my matheyecandy was boring today, I think he won't do anything:-(
Maybe we never get to know each other, who knows???
He's kind of shy...
maybe that's why I'm always stuck with my Farmerboy, he talks with me and doesn't ignore me at least!
oh my, boy's are complicated!
why can't it be easy, why can't he just ask me if we want to go out?!

"...Why can't I speak whenever I talk about you?
Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you? ..."

Well, I don't even know if he wants to, but I just assume that okay:-)
I just can't be pessimistic:-) I'll get him.... sometime!
And if I don't get him I'll get somebody else
27.10.05 20:59

why can't dreams come true?

oh my, why can't dreams come true?!
I just dreamt last night that my farmerboy asked me out, and then we had a nice time together:-D
it was so realistic that I thought this dream was true and I was sure that we're 2gether now...
why can't dreams just come true?!
only this dream...
it was so ... he and me 2gether... alone :-P in one room...
ging richtig heiss her, in meinem Traum wo wir alleine waren :-D
28.10.05 21:14

dream came true? almost...

yeah, friday as one of the best days ever :-)
I had my last performance for fall and after that I sat with Anne, Jac, TJ and Tomas...
It all worked out pretty well, I talked to him and sat next to him!
Anne talked to him about Luke and Tomas told her how to flirt with an American boy
she knows now, so we can start write a book :-P
well no, anyway, he said that she should say 'Hi' to him in the hallways, sit with him @Lunch and just be nice...
so that's exactly what he is doing with me!
I just read what I wrote the last couple months and it is TRUE He does that! He says 'hello' in the hallways, sits with me @Lunch or if that doesn't work, talks to me and he is nice to me!!
totally crazy, my chances just jumped from 50% to 80% I guess:-D

I'm happy....
30.10.05 19:56

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