Lapaloma Ole!

don't even ASK about Tomas!
and all the other boyz:
fuck ya!
except for Ethan:-)
7.11.05 22:18

Monday afternoon

Hey, it wasn't very nice yesterday. I had my first Basketball partice and I felt so bad. Everybody ignored me and there was no chance for me for playing. Fuck Basektball. I think I am going to run again with my XC team and going to lift Weight at Wartburg. that sounds much nicer than playing f... basketball. And I dont care what they will think about me.
I just wanna go home now and relax, eat and sleep. But the "best" day had jana. Oh my...things happens here - unbelievable. Anyway...I am going crazy because of Luke. Since I gave him my email, he ignore's me. wonderful, that wasnt my purpose. I dont know...I just wanna that the weekend is coming fast und X-mas!
8.11.05 15:05


HeY yOu!

Today was pretty good, actually, it was fun!
Stupid Tomas, I don't need him anymore...
Clothing was so so
Painting was good, Jac and me talked a lot
Psychology was very interesting, we read about our personality and Mr Snyder talked about it, too (I' a DREAMER)
AmH was so booooring, I almost fell asleep! :-)
Spanish was funny, like all the time:-)
I talked to Ethan and Laura during Lunch, that was pretty cool, too!
Then Math, that was good, we did partner work and then talked about some article....
so all in all a good day!
If my hostparents would stop going on my nerves...

I am not going to talk to an psychiatrist!

oh my... how can somebody be so stupid?!
9.11.05 21:11

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