Walmarkt is the best

Hey Friends.
how is going everybody. strange things happen around me? why this nobody can explain it - too bad. jana, we really have to thing about a weekend program. I really wanna do anything awseome, amazing, great, unique!!! Let's go to Walmarkt!! Just kidding. Because it wouldn't be so funny again. But for all who don't know yet. Jana and me spent two hours shopping in walmarkt yesterday. I know that most of you, would say we are crazy, it would be the same to go 2 hours shopping to Aldi. Anyways, we printed off pic and looked for a blanked for little cute Anne and talked to people who stayed in ESA and found a new make-up section *fett smile*, but it took a while 'til we noticed that it is the same. Mhm, this happens...and Jane bought a big huge box...and we bought a notebook finally and we totaly forgot the scrapbook for Philipp. But I think we'll get one anywhere else. So don't worry. Then I bought Vitamin drugs, because the drugs I am used to are not aviable here :-). (<--Insider) What else did we do? Maybe Jana can add some cool Walmarkt Storries. We said that we'll go to Target and the Mall in Waterloo the next time. That's huge...
Back home we watched a movie (I'll attach the titel later, I am not able to spell it right) and I did my awesome Maths and WHII Homework. Well, then I wrote Jana a note, made my nails (every American girl does this regularly).
Today it is followed by a horrible schoolday. Well, AG was alright and Spanish, but I had touble with my outline in speech and so I was late for WHII where we had a test. Finally I totaly mest up in the test, but I could draw the Africa map without to look it up. Hey, I am proud of myself! YEAH....
talk to you later....
2.12.05 19:54


Yes!! Yesterday Anne and me spent 2 1/2 hours in Walmart! Well, okay my hostma said this....
it was just awesome! especially the part with the new make up section!
Yeah and the part where this old lady talked to us was awesome, too. It was so hard for me not to laugh, because Anne was listening so well and I remembered what my hostfamily told me : "You will meet a lot of people in Waverly who have been in ESA and you will hear a lot of boring stories...."
and this was one of this boring things!!
Well anyway, after Walmart I went home, started Anne's blanket and then went to bed. I totally forgot that I had a final exam today, so I didn't study.
But I got 26 out of 30 so I'm fine!
yeah... and today a boring day again!
like all the time!
gotta go now...
c ya
2.12.05 21:07


There is no word to describe what happened on Saturday, just NO word! Except for.... "people"
No way this weekend was just awesome:
FR: School, then ordering t-shirts with Wende, then home.
In the evening we had the neighborhood X-mas party @ our house, so it was noisy and hectic Anne came over, too, so we talked until 12.30
SA: My family left to LakeCity, I stayed, got up later, watched TV and then went shopping with Keith in Waterloo to get presents
Then after we were done, Keith brought me to Higgins's house, because I was going to stay over night there
Anne and me watched TV ("Cruel Intentions") and talked until Steven got home. Then Kevin called and wanted Anne and maybe me to hang out with him and because I didn't want to, Anne had to decide if to go or not. Steven on the right side of her and me on the other side we were both trying to talk her out to go with Kevin! It was so.... Well okay Anne was horribly confused then! Kevin came finally and she decided to go, Steven and me in Stevens car, Anne with Kevin and Gipsy(or how he writes his name) in Kevins car.
We drove to Fareway, then switched to one car(Kevins), drove to the gas station, then to the Bowling center to play pool
[we had to wait for Kevin outside, he was doing something on his car, so we stood there and I said "I am so cold" or something similar. So Steven stood in front of me and said "You can hide behind me and I am your windshield" So I leaned my head against him and he patted my back ]
after playing pool, we went home again with the 2 boys and watched "Eurotrip" until they had to leave at 11.30.
Then of course discussion started again, because Kevin had been a jackass, so Anne was down and we had to help her. That's why we decided to go cruisen again
We went in his truck, Steven drove, me in the middle and Anne on the left! After half an hour or so we got stuck (yeah Steven well done! :P) We tried everything to get out, but he had to call his friend with a 4wheeldrive car to get us out They came then (Chris, Matt, Ben) and saved us
Then we got stuck again, got out and they decided to take us in their truck and do some dougnuts
Was kind of closely in there, so we went back home then after a while suddenly they called again and so we went out cruisen again.... from 1 till 2....
12.12.05 22:11

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