Haven't had something for a long time

hey friends, family and husbands :-)
How r u doing all? Yeah I thought its time to write something in here again. I mean it has been a while. I have to catch up with Jana. She better in writing, you know.
Today we could skip, Jacki had her speech. And it was pretty funny. First they had awesome food. jana and me, we were starving, so we ate a lot and enjoyed it so much. Later on they talked about random stuff and Jana und me could hide behind the laptop and we sang the American Hymn all the time. Then they introduced us and we appeared from behind the laptop, which was probably a funny picture. Wow and Jacki even had funny x-changie pics on her slide show. Oh man, I had to laugh to hard.
What else is new. Actual not very much. Kevin is gone finally, not just from home but also out of my mind. Got his adress the other day. Not very useful for me. Let's try to get the Cowboy from his farm...yaeh the farmers you know...and we don't even have a Prom Date. Wonderful, I really think Jana and me go together to Prom. But well I don't know, maybe a wonder will happen and Mr. Right comes to waverly. But honestly, that'll surprise me totally. But you never know.
Otherwise I am very exited for track. It'll start Feb. 23rd. Man, go out for Hurdles and Longjump. I really hope that'll work out for me. i really don't wanna run distances. Thats not so descent.
Yeah little Phil is home, too. Too bad but I think is enjoying? it!! And Balint and Martin are next to me right now. Balint is writing some random stuff and Martin reads his new in slovak.
all righti. Hocky Smocky. Talk to you later.
The Anne
9.2.06 21:33

what the fuck did i do last night?

hey yo whats up?
Don't be surprised I changed the "outfit" of our blog:P couldn't stand the other one anymore. have 2 talk 2 anne then, cause i don't know if we're gonna keep this one.
Okay now to me
Was at the Winterfestdance yesterday and it was pretty awesome! I saw a lot of friends and met new people. And of course....
Mike. Dont wanna say anymore about this... we were making out in the middle of the dancefloor and i just saw everybody around me staring at us. Even Josh couldn't really believe what he saw! I know must have looked really awkward 2 everybody else: I was walking and suddenly he came up to me and started dancing with me. I turned around and then... u know, dirty dancing Then he started kissing me and stuff.
I think he was drunk, cause u know, i know how drunk people act and talk! He even asked me if he looked drunk:P
Anyway we did that for two songs, one was a slowdance. "Hero" by Enrique Eglesias... I'm never gona forget that song! well after a while I said that I have 2 go since it was almost 12.30 and i needed to find my ride....
well i could have gone with him, he wanted to take me out drinking, but I better be careful with that guy
Don't wanna get in trouble cause he was drinking and driving and i was with him. at least not yet
Well but I know that he just wants to fuck me, so doesn't really matter. I'll see what happens in school on monday

19.2.06 00:21

Fuck that shit

@ Jana: Maybe we'll find a new layout...maybe without skulls and pink on it?!?
Otherwise, yeah things are going crazy here right now in Waverly/Iowa. But thats just want we wanted from the beginning on and now we have it...
Since Mr. Marine Kev Miller is gone....everything was just screwed and I was in a bad mood everyday - had nothing do to and was totally depressed. But...now..I finally called Nate last Wednesday. It was kinda difficult to get a hold of him, so I sent him a textmessage and he act totally German *yes* so I called him back later - "I'd love to hang out with you some time again" That was exactly that what I wanted to hear..But then I had so leave for Breakaway, what was k. And we had also lots of fun. So Nate called me on Sunday and we went out on a "date". Nobody knew really how to define it. But well we watched "Hostel" in CF and had so much fun. I was so scared and he started to make fun of me. And Sam M. did the best thing ever..she told him about it and that I am gonna ask him out for Prom. Isn't that mean. This can't be true. I am fuckin' mad at her . Little bit... but anyways. So we talked about it and for the fact that he really likes me, even before I called him. So he is pretty happy that we gonna go to Prom. and I'm also because I have a prom date, especially because he is number one on my prom list and I started above and I got number one. - I still can't belive it. Now I just hope Jana's gonna find one too!!!
Time is moving on and track finally started Its way hard but its also fun and i am glad to have something to do. anyways...I dont know....Just wanna enjoy my time here and actual I so dont wanna go home in June. Maybe fly home for one week and then start College here. That'll be awesome. I mean Romeo did it... And I know somebody who would be waaaaaayyyyyy happy about that
Bye people and talk to you guys later.
27.2.06 03:49

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