hola ole!

Hello people!

How's it going? Good for me right now, my life is pretty much
Mike says 'hi' 2 me in the hallways, balint and me are writing letters 2 each other.... yeah and i don't need more right now!
Welll a fuck w/ mike would be awesome... but u know...
anyway 2day we're going to Hampton-Dumont and I don't really want 2 go! I'm just going because my special friend is going and it is gonna be fun w/ him.
Otherwise .... nothing new here!
Anne has fun w/ Jay, but this guy just totally ignores me when Anne is not there. So whatever. We're not gonna fuck him anyway, r we?! At least I'm not

My babysister turns 1 on Sunday!!! I wanna see her!!!!! So bad ;(

well... gotta go now...!

"Nothing runs like a deer"

greeeeeeeeeeeeeeetz Fussel
3.3.06 16:00

Another hilarious weekend

Dear lovely citizens.
You know time is moving along...and track started for me last week. So I am really into it now and I have much fun but it was so hard last week. Then we had an invitation from the International Club in Hampton-Dumont to spend one weekend with them. They provided food and everything else for us. We were supposed to leave school on friday afternoon and Amanda gave us a ride to Hampton. But nobody really wanted to go - we just wanted to stay home and we were very jealous on Martin. But we had no choice. It was so funny when we arrived - we were 6 x-changies. Four crazy ones from Waverly, Olga from Russia and Nils from Kiel/Germany. It was kinda weird when everybody had to leave with their new hostfamily and Jana's "boy" wasn't even there. Ben had track . Well I went with Stephanie and she was really nice and tried to do everything right, which was kinda funny. We didnt stay at her house very long, we went over to Levi's and Lucas's place, where Jacki and Nils stayed. So we just hung out and talked about random stuff. Later on we went to Subway for Dinner , where we met Tom and Ben . And finally we met everybody back at somebodys house, where we were supposed to play games and hang out 'till midnight. and we did so. We played funny games and rocked around with Olga and told American guys funny stories about Germany, Russia and the Loveparade . They kicked us out at midnight, what would never gonna happen in Germany. It would be so rude to kick somebody out... . So we stood around and didnt know what to do, what we just knew that we dont wanna go home yet.And Jana didnt really wanna leave with Ben alone... so Lucas called his mom and persuaded her if we could hang out there again and finally we (Lucas, Levi, Ben, Nils, Steffi, Jacki, Jana and me) had something new to do. First we started playing UNO on Levi's water bed. it was kinda strange because there was not enough room for everybody and compared to later, everyone was ever confi...
to be continued
6.3.06 21:21

For Jana

Let's have fun and let's have a party
9.3.06 15:40

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