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"These are the United States of America and everybody is entitled to my opinion!"
-Mr Schlumbohm-

"Mr. Schlumbohm, what is "hot" in Spanish?"
"Mr Schlumbohm" :-)

Mr Lampe: "Who is General Rommel?"
me: " I can't tell you...."

Mr.Schlumbohm: "...I didn't talk about drowning little kittens, come on!"
Quique: "Oh my 3rd class teacher, she found a bag full of kittens and the bag was filled with gasoline and the kittens, too"
class: "... oh my god... that is horrible...."
Mr. S: "Ahh they just wanted to teach them a foreign language"
class : ????
Mr.S: " Yeah because if you throw a burning match on them, they all make 'Wuooof' "
class : ROFL...
Mr.S.: "And do you know how to make a dog sound like a cat? Put him in the freezer and then slide them over a sow and it will make 'MIAUEEEEW' "
class: ROFL...

"Hast du Fieber? Du siehst so heiss aus!"

Anne: " Ich hasse ihn, ich hasse ihn, ich hasse ihn, aber vernaschen wuerd ich ihn ja schon gerne mal!"
Jana: "Who? Philipp?"
Anne: " No Mr. Lampe!!"

Anne is giving Luke a little sheet of paper
He says: "I dont take drugs, sorry!"
..." warte, er ist noch im Hallway"..

Philipp:"Ach, der hat bestimmt am 32.8. Geb!"..
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